What started “NoStandSTILLS”?

To be honest, NoStandSTILLS simply started off as our wedding hashtag.  We have been extremely good friends since the sixth grade; however, we didn’t start dating until 2012.  In July 2017, we had a beautiful marriage ceremony in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Throughout our entire vacation in Costa Rica, we could not stand STILL!  We did everything from ATVs, zip lining, experimenting authentic Costa Rican food, mingling with the locals, to horseback riding and sooo much more! In our 5 years together, we have relocated to Washington, D.C., Monica is pursuing her Master’s degree at Howard University (The REAL H-U!) and we have successfully launched a resumé and professional services business; Still(S)triving!

From there with so many moving pieces, we wanted to create a platform that we could highlight what it’s like to travel, explore, and grow with your best-friend and soulmate. NoStandSTILLS was created to do just that.  We want to be the example and promote everlasting love, fun, and commitment.