4 Best Social Media Practices For Couples To Follow In 2018

Social Media has become the best gift and curse of the 21st Century. Currently, we live in an era where you can meet a partner online through a dating app (i.e Tinder or Soul Swipe); or you can literally create a profile to discreetly have an affair on your spouse (i.e Ashley Madison). If not used properly, social media such as Facebook or Instagram, can quickly become an issue, especially amongst millennial relationships.  As we enter 2018, I wanted to dish out a few practices to help couples eliminate negative, social media interference within their relationships.

1. Stop Public Arguments

3Social media arguments amongst couples are the absolute worst. In 2018 (and forever honestly), couples need to keep all arguments and disagreements in house, and  behind closed doors. Public debates only invites more negativity and will never amount to anything good. Subliminal messages and posts also fall directly into this category. Although you do not directly mention your partner’s name, majority of your followers can put 2 and 2 together, especially mutual friends. Communication is a major factor in a healthy, lasting relationship; and public debates are signs that the communication within your relationship needs a bit of work.

2. End The False Titles

We see this all the time, millennial couples referring to their boyfriend or girlfriend as ‘Husband’ and ‘Wife’ all over their social media. Listen, there is more to being a husband and wife than the title. Just because you have time in a relationship, does not guarantee marriage. Often times, couples proclaim to be ‘Mr. & Mrs.’, without even having a serious discussion regarding marriage. This becomes extremely dangerous as many couples tend to commit to a title, rather than the relationship itself. Most fall in love with the idea of what their relationship could be, rather than taking it for what it is. The journey to marriage is much more than a self-proclaimed title; so, in 2018, accept your relationship for what it is in that moment and embrace it.

3. Be Respectful

Posting overly exposed photos, commenting the 😍 emoji, sending DMs to the opposite sex can all be considered as disrespect to your partner. We all have different levels of respect, so it is important to know your partner and stay within those guidelines. It is imperative to have a serious discussion with your partner to get a full understanding of what he/she is comfortable with. Once familiar with your partner’s boundaries, it is important to respect them and make a conscious effort to stay within them. From liking a picture to accepting a friend request from an ex, always be mindful and respectful of your partner.

4. Ask For Permission

2Yes, there are times where you need to ask for permission to post certain things when you’re in a committed relationship. Now, so we are clear this has absolutely NOTHING to do with control, but everything to do with point number 3, R-E-S-P-E-C-T. I do it all the time. I will catch my wife candidly doing something I think is hilarious or she will catch me super pissed about a Chicago Bears loss. To us, it can be a funny moment, but the world may view it in a different light.  It’s perfectly fine to share these moments amongst yourselves, family or even close friends; but before you publically post it, just seek permission.  This includes things such as getting a new job or announcing your pregnancy. All people have different levels of privacy and it is vital to know your partner’s. In 2018, when uncertain how the reaction might be, just ask.

As I mentioned, social media can make or break a relationship if not used correctly. A new year usually means a fresh start for many, and social media should also be on that list. Our ‘Love & Luggage Tags’ blog was created to shine a new light and offer insight for young, healthy relationships; and social media is a major part of it. In 2018, be sure you are properly controlling your social media in regards to your relationship, not the other way around.

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